Cement products are vital in the industry, serving various purposes, from solid concrete structures for construction and support to more recent “Shotcreting” methods:

  • “Temporary” support systems – through the application of “sprayed concrete” onto friable, degradable walls; temporary support of an excavation can be set-up to allow time for more lasting support structures. Because it can be applied at speed, and dry quickly as a thin layer, it can also be used over large areas.
  • By applying both wet and dry cementing methods, vast underground caverns can be sealed in a short time.
  • As systems become more mechanized, the quality of bagged cement products is an absolutely vital component.
  • As a result of common safety issues, associated with cement, such as the high alkaline content of dry cement and the caustic nature of wet cement; clear specifications, warnings and safety guidelines accompany all our products. As the setting process is exothermic, based on the application, our cement can take anywhere from twenty minutes, to twenty four hours to set.
    Because the life expectancy of many mines can run into decades, it is important that the tunnel lining material be solid and reliable. At Rakcrete, we apply the most stringent methodologies to ensure a superior product that will stand the test of time.


Our concrete aggregate is used in underground construction applications. We supply the compressive strength, according to the specifications required by application and project needs, but typically 25MPa.

  • Using our own products and have operated in many mining projects, we are happy to consult with engineers in order to ensure the optimum use of our product in various underground construction applications.
  • We provide storage and usage guidelines based on personal experience in the field.
  • We have comprehensive safety protocols and application methods that cover broad based or varied use.


Shotcrete can be used in underground support, rock face lining, or in structural repair applications. The benefits of Shotcrete in major engineering projects have been well proven with use in the construction of major tunnels for the Gautrain project in 2010/2011. The use of Shotcrete in underground mining related projects has proven revolutionary.
The right density and consistency of wet Shotcrete has many advantages:

  • Once mixed, it is pump-able, and spray-able, making it easy and fast to apply.
  • With a controlled water/cement ratio, high strength can be achieved.
  • Low permeability means that waterlogged areas, and soft surfaces are not a problem.
  • The stability and durability of Shotcrete makes it a good additional reinforcement in deep-mining excavations.
  • The quick drying time of a thin layer ensures early strength and support.
  • The quality is consistent throughout.
  • It has an increased ductility, high bond and low shrinkage.


We supply the Poly-fibre reinforcement which is typically used along with Shotcrete This has particular relevance in the reinforcement of tunnels and ore passes, cavern ceiling and areas that may be vulnerable to degradability.

  • Fibre reinforced Shotcrete is even stronger and capable of greater deformation than a plain concrete lining.
  • It improves the concrete’s ductility, flexural strength and toughness.
  • It is excellently compact and can resist the horizontal and vertical strain of an underground excavation.


We supply the concrete aggregates along with our cement product range. We are in the process of investigating an applicable, high quality source of crushed stone. To this end, we will be able to supply bulk crusher stone along with our other raw material offerings.