Rakcrete specialises in the production and distribution of bagged cement and construction products tailored for the mining industry. A market for these specialised products has become apparent in recent years, as the application of cement has become more common in mining operations; in particular, the more frequent use of “spray cement” methodologies. Our products have evolved because of years of underground construction experience in the field, through our sister company, Newrak Mining. Our on-staff mining engineers are experienced in various forms of underground construction and support. We have applied years and resources to on-site research and development in order to provide the most effective product possible.

Rakcrete provides the following products:
Our concrete aggregate is used in underground construction applications. We supply the compressive strength, according to the specifications required by application and project needs, but typically 25MPa.

Shotcrete can be used in underground support, rock face lining, or in structural repair applications. The benefits of Shotcrete in major engineering projects have been well proven with use in the construction of major tunnels for the Gautrain project in 2010/2011. The use of Shotcrete in underground mining related projects has proven revolutionary.

We supply the Poly-fibre reinforcement which is typically used along with Shotcrete This has particular relevance in the reinforcement of tunnels and ore passes, cavern ceiling and areas that may be vulnerable to degradability.

We supply the concrete aggregates along with our cement product range. We are in the process of investigating an applicable, high quality source of crushed stone. To this end, we will be able to supply bulk crusher stone along with our other raw material offerings.

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